New landscape-scale murals created for Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
Ogden design approved

My design for the windscreens in Ogden, UT has been approved so I can finally share it! Below is a new sample, showing the design printed on Plexiglass; below that, the full design. The difference between an opaque digital design and that same image as a transparent one is striking. One of the many things I love about public art is being forced to think back and forth between digital image and physical object and observe these kinds of changes. 

Public installation in progress - Ogden Express coming 2023

Testing preliminary designs and transparency.

UTA, Ogden City, Weber State University and McKay-Dee Hospital are partnering in a major public art project. The new OGX (Ogden Express) BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) will have a total of
thirteen station locations along a 5.3 mile route from the FrontRunner station, through
downtown, the university campus and the hospital.

I have been busy working on a new project for Ogden City, Utah, an installation along the transit line. My final design will be installed at 25th and Washington on the windscreens within the bus shelter.

Published - WWW Drawing

Very pleased to be among the lineup of artists illustrating Actar Publishing's WWW Drawing Architectural Drawing from Pencil to Pixel.

Preview the book here

WWW Drawing
Architectural Drawing from Pencil to Pixel

Authors: Janet Abrams, Mehrdad Hadighi, Daniel Cardoso Llach , Andrew Heumann, Jürg Lehni, Jane Nisselson, Seher Shah, Ann Tarantino, Michael Webb, Mark West, James Wines
Editors: Janet Abrams, Mehrdad Hadighi
Size: 19.05 x 27.9 cm / 7.5 x 11 in.
Pages: 128
Illustrations: Color
Cover: SoftCover
Publishers: Actar Publishers and Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Architecture, Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Publication date: October 2020
Retail Price: 35€/ £39/ $44,95
ISBN: English 9781948765220

Interview - State College Magazine

Thank you Sarah Rafacz for the lovely interview!

Read a preview below and see the complete article HERE.

Creating Places

Local multimedia artist Ann Tarantino shifts her focus to community-minded projects.

By Sarah Rafacz

Though she would often be making things like collages as a child, competitive swimming dominated much of artist Ann Tarantino’s young life.

A career-ending shoulder injury early in college forced a reset. “Prior to that,” Tarantino says, “my creativity had been expressed through my body. And then I had to figure out a different way to do that.” Feeling like she was making up for lost time, she took every art class she could.

The structure and labor of being an athlete is more similar to artmaking than people might think, she points out. “My practice as an artist is much more rooted in that orderly approach that I took as an athlete, where it’s like you’re training every day. And that’s hard because sometimes you don’t feel like it or everything you’re making is kind of bad, you know like it’s not working. And there’s always a lot of things that don’t survive. I am kind of ruthless. I discard a lot of things.”

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Panoramas opens at Ejecta Projects
Panoramas, a two-person exhibition with Paul Manlove, on view at Ejecta Projects in Carlisle, PA through February 8, 2020.

New Prints Available from Davis Editions
Three new prints released in December 2019 with the wonderful Davis Editions, available for purchase at

SEEP opens at Arlington Arts Center

SEEEP, a curatorial project, opened at Arlington Arts Center on February 11 as part of the Center's Curator's Spotlight program. The exhibition will be on view through March 26. SEEP includes work by artists Caetlynn Booth, Rob Carter, Rachel Farbiarz, Bonnie Levinthal, Giulia Livi, and Patrick McDonough. The exhibition looks at how contemporary artists use water in their work--as medium, concept, or both.